Team Login

Please search and select your Team, then enter your password. You can request your Team’s password from your coach.

The Team Login area is designed to help anybody that doesn’t want the hassle of taking orders or collecting money.

  • We set up the items that you need on our website. Under Team Login
  • We give you a password to enter. Once you enter the password all of your team’s items will be listed.
  • Anybody that has the password can log on and order what they want anytime of the day, and pay for the items online.
  • We will set a deadline date and it will be displayed on the item page.
  • When time is up, we will process the order.
  • We can deliver the items locally or ship the entire order.
  • The Team Store is great for all types of teams and fundraisers.
  • Custom Printed items are non-refundable.